Font Daisy

Font daisey
Font daisy. Daisy is an ultra-fat serif typeface with very fine counters. Type designer Ludwig Übele. Design date: 2010

One of the harder aspects of typeface design for non-type people to grasp is how the counterform — the white, negative space of a letter — can be so important. Yet it’s often the counterform that defines the letter, especially in something as heavy and thick as Daisy. Übele says of his concept for this typeface: “The counter consists only of a thin line, which defines the drop-shaped terminal. Most heavy typefaces are sans-serifs with no contrast; why not create an extremely fat typeface based on classic old face letterforms?” While many extreme display faces are only suitable for a couple of uses, Daisy is different; its origins in more conventional letterforms will ensure it will work well in a wide range of applications, from advertising, branding and packaging to editorial and titling work.