Font Letterpress

Font Letterpress. Type designer Chank Diesel.
Font Letterpress. The BLINCtype Letterpress Fontpak contains a handy concise assortment of old-school display fonts. From the old Western “WANTED” poster look of Prospect Modern, to the no-nonsense all-caps classic Goshen and its lowercase companion Gideon, these fonts are inspired by wooden letterpress blocks and other archaic technologies. Type designer Chank Diesel. Design date: 2004.

A selection of eight worn and battered letterpress fonts, the Letterpress Font Pack not only recalls technologies of times past, but also a sense that these letters have been gathering dust in a forgotten industrial building for many lost decades. Produced in collaboration with Blinc Publishing in St Paul, Minnesota, this pack combines the honest aesthetic of manual handwork with the convenience of digital typography — like having your own letterpress in your pocket.