Font Swingdancer

Font Swingdancer. Type designer Chank Diesel.
Font Swingdancer. Without a doubt, Swingdancer will satisfy the script jones of any retro font fan.  Type designer Chank Diesel. Design date: 2003

With a swooshy hand-painted flow, the strokes of this vintage brush script will make your designs sing and dance. While each character is charming on its own merit, put ’em together and this font dances with the swing rhythm and bursting energy of Benny Goodman’s big band. And don’t miss the dandy special characters for letter combinations tt, th, or, os, and an extra fancy alternate capital. Swingdancer’s name says it all. A typeface with all the energy of a big swing band, combined with the sensuous swooshes, curves and inborn grace of a natural dancer. Several discrete ligature pairs ensure the rhythm is never interrupted, while a subtle variation to the vertical angle keeps things nicely informal.